Top 50 Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners

Top 50 Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners

WordPress plugins are a huge contributor to the success of many blogs and websites. From SEO tweaks to social media integration, there is no shortage of helpful functionality for any blogger who wants their content to be seen by as many people as possible. Here are 50 free WordPress plugins that every beginner should know about!

#1 Akismet

Akismet is an all-in-one anti-spam plugin that will protect your website from comment and trackback spam. It prevents your blog or site from getting spammed by checking every comment against the Akismet web service, which checks it against its database of many millions of known spam comments.

#2 Auto Post Thumbnail

This plugin will create an accompanying thumbnail when you post a new video on your WordPress site. It’s important to give images in your posts some visual context, so why not let the thumbnail creation happen automatically? Not only does this save time, but it can also inspire more clicks through social media postings.

#3 Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is a simple, flexible contact form plugin for WordPress. It offers the ability to customize the forms and receive submissions right into your inbox. There are a variety of options that can be set for each contact form, including the method of submission, success page text, and more.

#4 Facebook Open Graph Protocol

This plugin will make sharing your content on Facebook a breeze. It has a quick installation and setup guide, with a simple set of configuration options available after it is installed. It doesn’t have as many features as other plugins (there’s no analytics or tracking), but it’s free, fast, and easy to use.

#5 Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This plugin allows you to monitor your blog’s analytics directly from your WordPress site. It features three views: Traffic Sources, Content Overview, and Goal Overview. By connecting your blog with Google Analytics, you can gain valuable insights into the way that people are viewing, reading, and engaging with your content.

#6 Google XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is a required component for search engine optimization – it tells search engines what pages exist on your site so they can index them accordingly. This plugin will create an XML sitemap automatically which you can submit to all of the major search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) for faster indexing.

#7 Growmap Anti-Spambot WordPress Plugin

Growmap Anti-Spambot is a plugin that protects your site against spam by humans and the major bots crawling the web. These include Google Adsense, MSN, Yahoo! Search Marketing, etc. It’s very simple to install and use: just activate it and enjoy no more spammers on your blog or website.

#9 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your WordPress site by improving its speed and security through caching – which means it stores some of the information from each page so future requests for that page can be served faster. This reduces bandwidth usage and server load times while also providing robust access controls such as IP address filtering.

#10 WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache generates HTML files that are served to visitors who come to your site. These files are generated much quicker than dynamic pages created by WordPress, and they also allow your server to handle more concurrent users since the workload is lighter.

#11 Social Media Feather Plugin

This plugin provides a lightweight social sharing widget that can be placed in any post or page using simple shortcodes. The content of each sharing button is fully customizable, with an editable text area for customization. You can even place buttons inside blog templates so you don’t have to update code every time you publish new content!

#12 Synced Shortcodes And Widgets Bundle

Synced Shortcodes & Widgets Bundle is another set of tools that help increase your productivity as a blogger. By providing pre-built shortcode buttons and widgets, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to publish and manage content.

#13 Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post allows you to share your old blog posts with your followers on Twitter. It’s a simple, lightweight plugin that will post out links to your new articles every time you hit “save” in WordPress – meaning sharing content is as simple as typing 140 characters!

#14 Advanced Access Manager

This is an advanced access control plugin for WordPress which allows you to control who has access to your site, on what page(s), for how long, and from where. It provides both login protection and limiting access by IP address on a global or per-user basis. You can even set different time limits for different user roles.

#15 WP Maintenance Mode (Hide Your Site)

This is another plugin that allows you to put your site into maintenance mode. This means it will display a “maintenance in progress” page to all visitors, which can be customized with HTML and CSS at the admin level. Once you’re ready to make your blog visible again, you can turn off maintenance mode with one click (and visitors won’t receive any warning messages).

#16 Adminimize

Adminimize allows you to hide all unnecessary clutter from your blog’s backend, leaving just the essentials. This is especially helpful if you’re a beginner who isn’t familiar with WordPress’ backend – giving you an interface that is clean and easy to use. You can also create new menus, re-arrange existing ones, collapse sections of the main Dashboard screen and more!

#17 WP Hide Post

As its name suggests, WP Hide Post lets you easily remove posts on multiple pages at once using simple shortcodes. It works for any type of post or page (e.g., Featured Posts), and the output can be filtered by category, author, date, or post type. This is a great way to clean up your site’s archives if you’re redirecting visitors away from old content or just want them to see different posts instead.

#18 WP Security Scan

WP Security Scan keeps WordPress safe through regular updates for theme files, plugins, and core software. It also provides security scanning of weak passwords, database table prefixes, and other vulnerabilities so you know it’s up-to-date with recent security flaws. You can also use this plugin to back up all of your key data (such as users/posts/pages) quickly and easily!

#19 Social Streams For Twitter And Facebook

Social Streams For Twitter & Facebook helps you to integrate the popular methods of social media interaction into your site. This plugin enables you to easily create a Twitter timeline or Facebook news feed without any knowledge of coding, and it’s fully customizable with 140 characters for Tweets and up to 2000 characters for posts.

#20 WP Super Cache & W3TC

WP Super Cache is an excellent way to speed up your blog by creating static HTML files from dynamic WordPress content. It has custom configuration options so you can pick which type of data to cache (e.g., post, page, comment) as well as the number of seconds each file should be cached for. It’s also compatible with other caching plugins like W3 Total Cache if you want more features!

#21 WP

WP automatically optimizes images in your posts to reduce their file size without hurting quality. Since image files are usually the largest contributor to your page’s overall weight, this is a great way to reduce load time and improve site performance!

#22 Add Link To Facebook Pages & Groups

If you’re using WordPress for multiple Facebook pages, this plugin will allow you to add custom links into your blog that point directly to specific Facebook pages/groups when clicked. This saves time when trying to share specific groups or pages with readers because visitors don’t have to navigate there themselves – they could just click one of these links instead!

#23 Geeklog Super-Cache Module (Geeklog Spcl)

This is another one that not only speeds up your site but also reduces load time. Geeklog Spcl works in the same way as WP Super Cache, except it is designed for Geeklog sites rather than WordPress ones.

#24 Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather is one of the best social media plugins out there – it’s impressively lightweight while still providing an extraordinary amount of features. It allows you to easily add social buttons for Twitter, Facebook, etc. into posts and pages (with plenty of customization options), but its most useful feature is the ability to automatically “feather” your site content with these added social media elements. This means that if anyone shares an article from your blog on their social media networks, they’ll see all of the buttons appear at once!

#25 WP Google Authenticator

Never worry about security again with this incredibly helpful plugin. This allows you to secure your blog by requiring a code generated by an app on your phone before a user can log in. With an average of 36,000 attacks on WordPress-powered sites every day, this plugin will go a long way into preventing that from happening to you!

#26 Better Click To Tweet

Do you need to generate more traffic through shares? This is the plugin for you if so – it allows you to easily create clickable tweets for any post or page with just one click at the bottom of your content editor. You can also customize the tweet’s text and appearance to fit with your site’s style/branding.

#27 Submit Post To 3 Social Networks

SEO is an ongoing battle where you need to stay ahead of the curve at all times. This plugin makes it easy to share your blog posts on multiple social networks, with automatic links in both the title and content for auto-generated tweets & Facebook posts – no more copying/pasting URLs!

#28 Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

This is one way to avoid getting comments buried overtime after publishing. This plugin adds a new “Subscribe” button underneath each comment that allows users to sign up for email updates whenever they receive responses, allowing them to easily check back when they want to see if there are any new comments since their last visit. It’s really helpful when trying to maximize traffic from people interested in the discussion your content generates.

#29 TweetDis

This plugin allows you to add more dimensions to Twitter cards with additional information for users who want to check out your blog from their mobile devices. They’ll see an automatically-generated preview containing basic information like title, description, author, and headshot (if available) as well as clickable buttons for sharing on social media. This is easier than ever to get more attention on Twitter, which is great for every blogger!

#30 WP Social Search

Adding social sharing elements to posts can help with your SEO efforts. This plugin allows you to easily integrate these features into your blog’s homepage or individual posts. Sharing buttons are automatically added wherever you want them to appear, allowing people to share your content without the need for copy/paste links. The best part? It supports Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn!

#31 WP Edit

This plugin gives you the ability to edit posts after publishing, without having to go into your post editor. This can be helpful if you’re working on a lengthy article and want to check back later for any minor changes that should be made. It’s even better than WordPress’ built-in revision tracking because it allows unlimited revisions and restores the previous version of the content every time someone leaves a comment!

#32 Plugin SEO

SEO is one of those things where ranking well requires constant vigilance – you need to stay up-to-date on all relevant trends such as Schema markup and other technical SEO best practices. That’s exactly what this plugin does by giving users over 40 different options to improve their site’s search engine results. It’s incredibly powerful and will only take a few minutes to get started!

#33 Simple Contact Form

Blogging is all about getting your content in front of the right people, and that includes your readers! One way you can make this easier for them is by adding a contact form like this one. If someone has something they want you to know but don’t feel like sharing publicly (compliments, complaints, thoughts/suggestions on your posts), they can easily send it over with just a few clicks. This plugin displays the information you receive from them directly in your admin bar, so it’s always easy to respond quickly when necessary!

#34 WP-DB manager

If you’re not already doing regular database backups, it’s time to start! It only takes a few clicks to have your entire database backed up in the cloud with this plugin, and restoring is just as easy if you ever need to roll back your site after a hacking attempt or another disaster. The best part? You can schedule automatic backups that are only stored for a certain number of days before they’re automatically deleted.

#35 Disable Comments

Sometimes there are articles where users wouldn’t add anything helpful by leaving comments. If this applies to any of your posts, use this plugin to disable comments on them entirely. This will help you keep the conversation moving and ensure that your content remains focused on targeted keywords. Plus, it’s a great way to prevent spam from filling up your blog!

#36 Post Featured Image

Adding a nice photo to each of your posts can be a great way to keep people engaged and give them more reason to share your content. However, this is only effective if it’s the first thing readers see when they’re scrolling through content. This plugin changes that by automatically featuring any image you choose as the post thumbnail, making it easier than ever for users to recognize and remember!

#37 Next Gen PopUps

It’s always better to ask for something in person than just assume people will do what you want – but getting in front of enough people can be difficult at times. A popup will add an element of urgency which has been scientifically proven to increase conversions, so go ahead

#38 Ad Inserter

One of the best things you can do to make money from your blog is by using ads. However, you mustn’t annoy your visitors with tons of flashing and animated ad banners – they’re annoying and will likely cause you to lose followers! This plugin circumvents that problem by allowing you to pick and choose where you want ads to show up on your site, making them much less intrusive. Plus, it supports multiple ad types (including images).

#39 WP Social SEO Booster

If you want more social shares, then this plugin is for you! It’s proven that the number of social shares your content receives can impact how high it ranks in search engines. By using this plugin, not only will people be able to share your content more easily than before ( all one click away ), but they’ll also help to spread the word about it by giving you access to their networks. You can even customize exactly what sharing options are shown based on the type of post someone is viewing!

#40 WP Retina 2x

Make sure your images look their best by adding a sharpening effect that takes advantage of the iPhone 6 and other retina screens. This plugin automatically detects if any images need higher quality versions and will display the appropriate one, so you’ll always have a crisp and clear blog!

#41 Shortpixel Image Optimizer

Many people think they should save as many images as possible before uploading them – but what they aren’t aware of is how those huge files slow down their site. Every single kilobyte adds to your site’s load time, which is why it’s important to optimize them to keep things running quickly. This plugin compresses every image you upload in one simple click, freeing up space on your server and speeding up page loading times.

#42 WP Gallery – Media Frame

There are a lot of great ways to display images from around the web or from your site, but this plugin does it best! It was designed with speed and simplicity in mind, so there’s no confusing setup process – just pick any compatible theme and add the shortcode. You can even have multiple galleries on a single post or page that never overlap! Best of all? All media URLs will automatically open within the frame!

#43 Broken Link Checker

It’s not just your images that can slow down the speed of your blog – external links do too! Luckily, this plugin will help you fix any broken ones. If it detects a dead link on one of your posts, it’ll automatically remove it and replace it with similar content (if available). That way, your visitors won’t be disappointed by clicking on an error!

#44 CJ Affiliate for WordPress

If you want to make more money from your blog, there are plenty of ways to do so. However, getting started is always the hardest part. This plugin makes things easier by providing coupon codes for thousands of online shops, which can then be displayed directly on your site (or even in popups!) for an instant conversion boost!

#45 WP Mobile Detector

Even if you never plan to bring your blog offline, it doesn’t hurt to optimize things for mobile devices. This plug-in detects which device someone is using when visiting your site and displays information accordingly. It also gives you the option to keep desktop and mobile users separate from each other, which is a great way to ensure your blog is accessible to everyone!

#46 WP Site Guardian

If you care about security, then this plugin should be a must-have. It runs a scan on your entire site looking for signs of malware or hacker attacks to protect you against intruders. Plus, it’s constantly updated so that it stays current with new threats as they emerge! You don’t have to worry about dealing with tech problems while running your blog if things go wrong – just use this little box and relax!

#47 All In One Rich Snippets

Google has been putting more emphasis on structured data lately, so making sure your blog is ready for them will only help increase rankings. This plugin makes it easy by taking care of everything on its own, from optimizing titles and descriptions to giving new pages an easy-to-understand markup. It’s a great way to make sure Google picks up on who you are and what you do, all without requiring any extra effort!

#48 Add Meta Tags

For many bloggers, this plugin provides one of the easiest ways to edit posts that you publish. Instead of having to enter all of your information manually, you can choose from a variety of options that will be automatically added to the bottom of every page. It’s an easy way to make sure your SEO is always top-notch!

#49 WP User Frontend Pro

People love being able to comment on posts, but it can be hard for you to keep up if there are thousands! This plugin manages things by allowing commenters to log in using various methods (including social media profiles) and then posting straight through the admin panel. That way, you never miss responses or have trouble keeping track! Best of all? You can let users edit their comments after submitting them if they end up including any typos.

If you’re just starting with WordPress, then these 50 free plugins are a must-have.

They’ll help you optimize your blog for SEO and social media integration, as well as protect against malware or hacker attacks. If you want to make the most of what this platform has to offer without spending any money on premium upgrades, these tools will be indispensable!

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